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The theme for the 2018 – 2019 School Year:  

Year of the Wildebeest"

Mission Statement:

The American International School of Monrovia’s mission is to offer its present and ever-changing student population a challenging curriculum (designed to meet or exceed U.S. Standards) while enabling AISM's student body to achieve their full social, intellectual, emotional and physical potential. Our intellectual community teaches values and good manners, is dedicated to academic excellence, demands responsibility and promotes the power of collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

August 9, 2018


AISM Community, Prospective Parents, Partners and Friends

It is hard to believe how quickly time flies, as it is indeed my honor to be part of the AISM community for a seventh year.


AISM is a unique school, with a unique history that I am truly very fortunate to be a part of. The school is a vital part of Liberia’s reconstruction effort after the country experienced both a period of civil unrest during the 1990's and the Ebola Health Crisis of 2014. As her Excellency, the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf wrote in May of 2006, authorizing the reactivation of the school:  

“As you know, the Government of Liberia considers the re-opening of ACS (now AISM) an important demonstration of confidence in the future of our country. The resumption of school activities at AISM would also remedy a major constraint on the repatriation of Liberian professionals who want to return home with their families and children.”

It is with great confidence and with great purpose that AISM begins its second decade of operation, bringing our students a quality, and fully accredited, International Education at this historic school site!


This is … AISM!!


Ø In 2012, AISM left its cocoon to soar to new heights during our Year of the Butterfly. 

Ø In 2013, we worked together during the Year of the Horse to help our students make measurable student progress.

Ø In 2014, during the Year of the Chameleon, we adapted and evolved to assist our students in meeting challenging new environments.

Ø In 2015, we maneuvered and adapted to best meet our students' needs during the Year of the Swallow.

Ø In 2016, the Year of the Emperor Penguin allowed us to shelter and provide for our learning community.

Ø Last year, in 2017, the Year of the Mountain Zebra showed us that although we were small in numbers, we were able to be nimble on an unsteady surface, as Liberia transitioned its Government for the first time in 12 years.



Ø This year, as we embark on our second decade of the rebirth of our educational program, we are pleased to welcome the Year of the Wildebeest!


Every year, great herds of Wildebeest and Zebra gather to travel together across East Africa. Wildebeest graze predominantly on short grass.  Zebra, on the other hand, grazes on long grass, and thus act as lawnmowers, preparing the ground for the Wildebeest…


Last year, the Mountain Zebra set the stage for…the Year of the Wildebeest…!

The resilient and magnificent wildebeest, also known as the Gnu, is a very noisy creature, just like the halls of AISM! Wildebeests can be nomadic or have a regular home…just like our students! They can be transplants from other countries or local Liberians. Survival of the wildebeest depends on the calves, which are able to start walking within minutes of being born. Just like the wildebeest calves, AISM's ever-growing EYP students show strength and hit the ground, running and playing, on the first day. The calving period generally lasts for only two to three weeks. Like the wildebeest calves, the students’ durability at AISM is shown from the first day of school through to the last.

The challenges that we have faced since we first left our cocoon, some six years ago, have given us plenty of opportunities to learn, change, transform, maneuver and now expand to meet our students’ individual learning needs.

“The challenges that we have faced together, as a community, will clearly give us plenty of opportunities to continue to learn, change, adapt and transform!”



Jeff Trudeau

AISM Director


Important Dates:


August 13th – 17th:      Full Teacher Pre-Planning Week

Friday, August 17th:     New Student/New Parent Orientation. 2:00 – 3:30


August 20th, 2018 ...    LAUNCH OF THE YEAR OF THE WILDEBEEST!